10 Things You Didn't Know About Nargis Fakhri

She's so #SorryNotSorry




​#1 She has major OCD—she won't even shake people's hand without a bacterial wipe afterwards—and if she could get away it, she's just rather say Namaste!

#2 She's a Queens girl, a straight-up bad*ss from New York City and she's seen pretty messed up sh*t growing up on the streets.

#3 She didn't know a word of Hindi when she was filming Rockstar! She literally had no idea what she was saying the whole time!

#4 She can't stand getting hair and make-up done! She keeps wriggling about in her chair when she has to go through with it!

#5 She doesn't believe in girl's nights. "Everyone should just hang out with everyone! I always go out with my boyfriend's friends".

#6 She doesn't think she's sexy—and she feels really giggly every time she has to play a sexy character…

#7 She thinks beauty products were designed to feed off of low self-esteem, and to make people feel bad about themselves.

#8 She simply will not date a guy if he doesn't travel (she once broke it off with a Mr Perfection simply because he had only travelled twice in four years!)

#9 She has a separate closet for her shoes! The best part—she doesn't even want them! Her stylist made her get 'em!

#10 She almost never watches TV…but when she does, the show she watches religiously is this show called Brain Games