Neha Dhupia: "Angad Bedi Never Wanted To Date Me"

Even after all these complications, it was just meant to be!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi's wedding announcement on social media came as a surprise to everyone. They tied knot on 10th of May, 2018. Naturally, there was a lot of curiosity about Neha and Angad's relationship. 

Neha and Angad

Neha appeared on the show Open House with Renil on Zoom, where she shared how Angad proposed to her and his most annoying habit.

The actor said, "Angad proposed to me in the nicest way possible wherein he went straight to my parents and then my mom called me saying that he is the nicest guy for you. But back then, I thought it wasn't the right time and said no to his proposal."

Neha and Angad

"He never wanted to date me as he was very certain that I will either be his friend or his wife. Ever since we have known each other, we were good friends and nothing more than that. But on May 3rd this year, he asked me to come with him to Delhi. He dropped a hint that we need to settle down and proposed marriage in front of my parents which came as a surprise to both my parents and me," she added.

The newly married bride is head over heels in love with her husband's old school romance. 

Neha and Angad

But that didn't stop Neha from sharing Angad's most annoying habit, she said, "He never completes a fight. Like every couple, we have our fair share of fights, but the point of the fight is to find a solution or at least finish it. But Angad just walks out of the house and goes on a drive while I'm still at home wanting to finish the fight."