Ranbir Kapoor Requests Everyone to Respect his Privacy and Not Make a Mockery of His Relationship

"I also want to get married and have my own tribe. So it comes from that place of giving it dignity."

Ever since Ranbir Kapoor spoke about his "really new" relationship with Alia Bhatt, the questions about it haven't stopped pouring in. Everyone wants to know more about the new 'IT couple' in town and every li'l detail about their relationship. 

In an interview with trade analyst Girish Johar, Ranbir was asked how he was so open about his relationships, despite being a very private person. He said, "It comes from a place of just giving the relationship some dignity and respect. I have been privy to a lot of stupid gossip and conjecture and sometimes it causes a lot of misunderstandings, not just between the people involved, but also with your fans and the kind of perception people might have of you. It used to bother me before but I’ve realised it’s all part and parcel of show business. If people are interested in my life they’ll write about it, and if I’m not speaking about it, they’ll write even more, some of it true and some of it untrue," 

"After so many years of being in films, I’ve come to realise that I need a life beyond films and some personal space. It keeps me grounded and has value for me. Tomorrow, I may reach different heights of superstardom or might end up as a big failure, but that should not matter to me. What should matter are the relationships I’ve built in life — I also want to get married and have my own tribe. So it comes from that place of giving it dignity.", adds the actor. 

Ranbir was also quizzed if talking about his relationship was a conscious decision, he said, "No, I only talk when I’m promoting a film. But if I’m in a relationship at that point and someone asks me, of course I’ll address it. Sometimes, you and your partner decide not to talk about it and sometimes you’re okay because there’s nothing to be shy about or hide. Of course, we don’t want to make a mockery of it and make it a reality show, but just to put things in perspective and that this is happening —respect my privacy and respect the fact that I’m sharing this with you."