This is What Mahesh Bhatt Has to Say About Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's Relationship

The three of them were recently spotted having an intense discussion at Alia's house 

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's relationship looks like it's going well, and both their families seem like they're on board.

First, Alia was spotted dining out with Ranbir's mom Neetu Kapoor and sister Ridhima Kapoor Sawhney.


Then, she wished Neetu Kapoor a Happy Birthday by posting this picture (cute emojis, A!).

Neetu Kapoor happy birthday

And now, Ranbir has been spotted hanging out with Alia's dad Mahesh Bhatt at her house, involved in what seems to be an intense chat. 

Ranbir Alia

When asked about the meeting in a recent interview with leading daily, this is what Mahesh Bhatt had to say: “When I saw those pics, I was like, ‘Oh, the paparazzi age is here and you have people from the outside using their premise to capture the image, because that’s what the nation is thrusting for'. So, not saying more, I’d let the paparazzi guess if papa is raazi.”


Talk about using  humour to avoid giving a direct answer. Nicely played, Mahesh!

Ranbir Alia

When asked about Ranbir and Alia's relationship, he said, “It’s very obvious that [Ranbir-Alia] are making no bones about talking to people about them being intimate. And I don’t belong to that category of parents who’d advise their children about their personal choices. Alia is an adult and it’s a matter that she has to resolve. It’s their life, their space. I respect and admire them for choosing to talk to the world when, and if, they want to do.”

Mahesh Bhatt


Mr B is more candid about Ranbir's performance in Sanju, though. “He astounded me in Sanju. After Amitabh Bachchan’s Deewar, this is the first time I’ve seen an actor take charge of a character, which is iconic like Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir is barely 34 or 35 and though he comes from the great lineage of the Kapoor family, he has a unique charm and talent that’s his own. He is an original, just like Alia is an original.”

It looks like Alia's dad likes Ranbir quite a bit, doesn't it?