Proud Father Mahesh Bhatt Feels Alia is the Reason Why His Brand is Getting a Fresh Start

"I don’t hesitate in saying that she is my masterpiece."

Alia Bhatt's career graph is on the rise like never before. With movies like Udta Punjab, Dear Zindagi, Raazi, etc. she has proved her mettle. Undoubtedly, her family is super proud of her contribution to the Hindi film industry. 

In an interview given to a leading daily, Mahesh Bhatt spoke about being father of a star and revealed how Alia surprised him. He said, “I’ve already had the experience of being a star-father when Pooja came into the movies. But Alia’s success is phenomenal and it’s totally her own doing. She ventured all by herself into this very tough business and has surprised me with her own toughness.”

When quizzed if the Bhatt genes should get the credit for her success, he promptly said, “On the contrary, Brand Mahesh Bhatt has found a new lease thanks to Alia.”


Speaking on his equation with his daughter, the producer's reply was enveloped in enigma. “Alia is graceful enough to concede to me that she doesn’t allow herself permission to venture too close to me,” he said. 

On being questioned further, he added, “I can be overwhelming. When Alia says to me that sometimes it takes her two days just to prepare to come and see me, I know what she means. I can often be too much to take. Too much to bear. But now, according to her, I’m getting calmer. So she’s getting more comfortable with my outpourings.”

Mahesh feels he doesn't need to advice Alia about her career. He said, "Alia is a formidable star. At a young age of 25, she has achieved amazing distinction in her field, where she has stalwarts applauding her talent. I don’t hesitate in saying that she is my masterpiece."

Isn't that great, coming from the person who has produced several successful as well as critically acclaimed movies and has worked with several immensely talented people in the industry?