Deepika Padukone Is Being Trolled for Posting a Picture of Ex Ranbir Kapoor

Her fans decided to do something about it.

The Internet is fast becoming an extremely judgemental place, and nobody bears the brunt of it more the Bollywood actors and public figures. 

This time around it was Deepika Padukone, who incurred the wrath of trolls on social media, and the reason for it was posting THIS throwback photograph.


Deepika shared a picture of her ex Ranbir Kapoor on world photography day, a still from Tamasha, their last film together. The picture is a throwback, along with being a really beautiful shot that we assume Deepika chose because it pays tribute to photography and taking interesting pictures. Deepika has now been in a steady relationship with her current boyfriend Ranveer Singh for some time, and they are even rumoured to be getting married this November. Ranbir, as we all know, is now dating Alia Bhatt. Given the fact that Deepika and her ex Ranbir are now good friends and have no bad blood between them at all, posting this picture seemed like a pretty cool thing to do.

Well, the 'Trollarati' did not think so at all. They took to Instagram in swarms and attacked Deepika mercilessly, calling out her character and loyalty towards Ranveer Singh. Here's a few examples of what people had to say.

trolltroll 2

Her Instagram post was filled with tons of such comments, some of which were downright rude and insulting. Deepika's fans did jump to her defence, and answer back in their own way.



troll 2

We are glad to see Deepika's fans have got her back. This Internet trolling culture of making malicious attacks, especially then it comes to people's personal lives, seems to be getting a little out of hand, don't you think?