Janhvi Calls Out the Media for Constantly Pitting Her Against Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey

Well said, we say! 

Female actors have to deal with double standards throughout their careers. But one of the most commonly sexist things that they have to face, is being compared and pitted against other female actors — all for the sake of 'drama.' This regressive practice was recently called out by Jahnvi Kapoor. The young actor, who made her debut with Dhadak recently, has constantly been asked if she feels any pressure about competing with her contemporaries, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey, who are also making their debuts soon. 



Her answer was direct, and badass: "I don’t know why everyone is pitting us against each other. I guess people enjoy doing that. Competition is a bad thing if you make it sound that way."



She continued, calling out the sexism of it all, "It’s also odd because I think you only pit women against each other. Why is no one asking Ishaan the same question — if he’s feeling the sting of competition, too! People love pitting women against each other. But in reality, we can be happy and celebrate each other’s success. It’s easy to co-exist, if you are doing a good job." 

Sara and Jahnvi

And she ended with a real show of #girllove. "As an audience member, I’m excited to see Sara, Ananya and Tara. I haven’t interacted with Tara, but I have spoken to Sara and Ananya and they’re so full of life. They are amazing people and I’m excited to see them on screen because I’m sure they will be magic. It’s good to see so much new talent coming into the industry. Both Sara and Ananya spoke to me once the promos of Dhadak were out. They are sweet," she said. 

That's how it's done, ladies and gentlemen. We need to call out the every day sexism we see, and we need to shut that sh*t down.