Karan Johar Speaks Out About Priyanka Chopra Being Older Than Nick Jonas and the Awareness of Sexual Individuality

The filmmaker talked about the important things in a relationship.  

Judging by Filmmaker Karan Johar's movies, he does seem to believe that love conquers all.


Being a supporter of non-conformity, Karan spoke out in recent interviews about the freedom of choice when it came to love. He addressed two of the most talked about topics of recent days.

priyanka chopra

The first was regarding his friend Priyanka Chopra's recent engagement, more specifically the 10-year age gap, between her and husband-to-be Nick Jonas. Trolls have been making nasty comments about the age difference, but Karan Johar came out in support of Priyanka and Nick.

He said, "Relationships should not be about that. I am very liberal and progressive about these things. I have never thought, 'Oh, your man should be older than you.' Why? Why should we say these things?"

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According to Karan, compatibility matters more than factors like age. "If you find compatibility and you find a relationship of comfort, who cares who's older than whom?"

The filmmaker questioned the age-old rule that the man should be older than the woman in a relationship."I have heard members of my family say things like 'Arre, woh toh badi hai.' What does that mean?" he asked. "Sometimes, I think that is the saving grace of the relationship. Sometimes the maturity that a woman brings to the table, I think, it can actually make sure that the relationship has a strong binding. So, I really don't buy all these things, it doesn't make sense to me."

In another interview, Karan spoke up about recent Supreme Court judgement decriminalising homosexuality. Karan, who along with a slew of Bollywood celebrities celebrated the judgement and called it historical, had very strong views about the disturbing lack of information on sexual individuality in our country. 


He stated, "It is very disturbing as firstly, there is no information on sexual individuality. I think the most important thing is when there is information and awareness, it leads to understanding it and then it leads to getting you an emotion towards it. When you don't have an understanding and awareness of what it is, how deeply rooted and emotional it is, well that's how it is."

Karan further added, "When a man loves a woman or a man loves a man, the level of intensity is not something that you are supposed to judge. It's something you have to evolve with, it's something you have to accept, and it is a part of the human DNA." He said that the 'Log kya kahenge' (what will people say) phenomenon has to end because it does not matter what anybody says because eventually what they say, will pass but your life stays. 

"No, I don't think I am not living in a way people will say or judge. So, I do what I like and I do what I love. When I love to dance on stage, I do. They say, as a filmmaker I should not dance on a reality stage and I say 'who said this is a rule?' They say 'you are not supposed to do a talk show'. If I feel like pouting in a selfie, I'll do it because it makes me happy."

Karan giving us some pretty powerful life messages in his interviews, don't you think? We do hope his progressive views becomes as big a hit as some of his recent films.