Deepika Padukone Just Launched Her Own NGO!





​While weekends usually mean binge-watching Modern Family and getting your chip-n-dip on, when you're Deepika Padukone, you spend 'em launching a game-changing NGO that's planning to battle depression and other forms of mental illness.

On World Mental Health Day (Saturday) Deepika had a liberally celeb-sprinkled launch to bring into effect an NGO she'd had in the works for a while—beautifully named Live, Love and Laugh. The NGO has seen people from multiple professional fields come forth to offer expertise and support to the foundation. 

Deepika explains that the first, and most key, aspect of their plan is to start spreading awareness of mental health and illness in the country. The idea is to first start a conversation, make people realise that, as an issue, it is incredibly real and problematic and it must be addressed in a serious way. She did not rebuff the idea of working with the government in an effort to achieve this either, stating that the most important thing was to help people who were suffering, and to work with people to make that happen.

We're pretty sure Deepika's about to effect some serious change—and it's not just because she's got the star-power to do it.