You'll Never Believe All The Things Priyanka Chopra Did This Month

Hint: it includes an Afro!

We're keeping close tabs on the Quantico star, and this is what she's been up to lately!

Made a new BFF in Hollywood.

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/7t4AH7JszC/[/instagram]

Had a #famjam on the sets of Quantico!

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/7-lUeoJs3c/[/instagram]

Hopped on the subway like a true New Yorker! #attagirl

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/8Gv7R0ps00/[/instagram]

Flew in and flew out…living the nomad life!

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/8vDZXrJs5L/[/instagram]

Wrapped up Bajirao Mastani. The girl's sure taking over Hollywood and Bollywood with equal panache.

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/8vBKCGps2W/[/instagram]

And, drumroll… Tried on an Afro! How awesome does she look?!

[instagram ]https://instagram.com/p/7eC-24Js7Y/[/instagram]