Can You Spot Baby Alia Bhatt in This Throwback Picture With Hrithik Roshan?

Some major 90's nostalgia happening here 🤩.

We all tend to get nostalgic about our childhood, don't we? All it takes is for someone to pull out an old photo-album (we are talking about an actual book, not the one on your computer FYI!) to take us on a trip down memory lane. Film producer Anu Rajan found one such old picture which she shared on Instagram, and this one has some major childhood throwback happening. Check it out:


The picture has a bunch of Bollywood kids in it, from Hrithik Roshan (who is much older to to the rest of the gang), to Alia Bhatt and her sister Shaheen. Incase you haven't spotted her yet, Alia's the one on the extreme right in a white outfit with matching hairband, and she looks cute as a button! 


The picture also features designer Masaba Gupta, as well as Anu Rajan's daughters Anushka and Akanksha. As for young Hrithik Roshan, he looks pretty much the same as he does now, doesn't he? Talk about ageing well! Anu tagged the picture, "These are the most adorable ones ,without realising 💞💞", and we can't help but agree. BRB, rummaging through some old stuff to find our own throwback pics to share on Instagram😎.