42 and so effing gorgeous!

Well, she's definitely worth it!




​​1. The light eyed lady met the Being Human heartbreaker. Sparks flew. And then they pretty much turned into ashes. Ouch. 2. That time when Aishwarya was quietly shown the door when then beau Salman stormed into the sets of Chalte Chalte. No warming up happened there yet. 3. Faux pas. MAJOR fashion faux pas. #Cannes20034. Vivek Oberoi. Nuff said. 5. The Bachchan family looked away as Mrs Rai Bachchan planted a big, wet one on hottie Hrithik Roshan. Atta girl!   6.  When she didn't want to be Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine no more. Lucky save, Aishwarya!7. Baby fat. Rather post-baby fat. A whole lot of body shaming happened but the new mother gave hoots to it all. Hello, feminism.8. Aaaaaaand she's back. Roberto Cavalli+Aishwarya+Cannes= Pure gold. Post baby fat no more. Just a whole lot of gorgeousness. ​ 9. Did she? Didn't she? #UnderTheKnife rumours. Well, whatever works to make her look flawless!10. She makes an impressive comeback as the lawyer who strives to save her daughter. From real to reel.