11 Pictures That Prove Shahid Kapoor Is Absolutely ADORABLE

Could you crawl into our handbag now, please?



#1  The 'Mommy! Mommy! I HAVE AN IDEA' picture

#2 ​'The 'Just givin' my bae some camera TLC' picture

#3 The 'Imma work that beard like a goddamn BAWSSS' picture

#4 The 'I will succeed at being cuter than Alia in this' picture.

#5 The 'One nonchalant Mirror-fie comin' right up' picture

#6 The 'I can be cute while weirding you out' picture.

#7 The 'Look who's going to be playing Eminem this evening!' picture

#8 The 'Blissfully married—and try not to be jealous, girls' picture.

#9 The "Was that you or the dog because that's some MAJOR stench' picture

#10 The 'Just hanging with my bud, KJo and plucking his cheeks off' picture.

#11 The 'Well, of COURSE I'm smoldering just before bed! That is where I SMOLDER!' picture.