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11 Reasons Why We NEED to Appreciate Farhan Akhtar More

He can sing, act, direct, sell cars AND make the world a better place!

Farhan Akhtar. How do I even begin to explain Farhan Akhtar.

He has two Fendi purses, AND a silver Lexus!

If you got that Mean Girl's ref then *high five*, if not, then no, he does not own 2 Fendi purses or a silver Lexus, at least to my knowledge.

It's not that we don't appreciate Farhan Akhtar. It's the fact that we need to start appreciating him more for the wonder that he is.

He started out as a director, then moved on to producing, then decided to go into acting and if that wasn't enough, he showed the world that he can sing too!

 The fact that he is B.F.Fs with almost everyone in the industry is just a bonus!

And if you haven't already gotten stars in your eyes after the above list of his super powers, then the fact that he has launched a social awareness campaign, called Men Against Rape and Discrimination (M.A.R.D) AND he was appointed South Asia's U.N.  Goodwill Ambassador for women, is going to blow your mind!

Is there ANYTHING he can't do?

Here are all the reasons why we need to appreciate him more:

1) The first movie he directed, Dil Chahta Hai, went on to gain almost a cult status.

2) His version of Don, did not only do full justice to the classic, but managed to create it's own niche.

3) When he decided to act, he did not just act, he OWNED IT!

4) If directing, producing, writing and acting weren't enough, he sang for his very first movie, Rock On, and it was magical.

[youtube ][/youtube]

5) He launched a social awareness campaign, Men Against Rape and Discrimination (M.A.R.D.) 

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6) He was backed by all his Bollywood B.F.Fs, like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, and even got an international fan in Emma Watson, who is U.N's Goodwill ambassador for women, and was very impressed by him for his initiative.

[twitter ][/twitter]

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7) He is South Asia's U.N. Goodwill ambassador for women.

8) He says things like these, and make us love him a little bit more everytime:

"Every time I look into the mirror, I want to see a man whose mother, sister, wife and daughter are proud to call their own."

"I am a boring looking guy with a common face, ugly scars and a toothy smile." *we highly disagree on this one, though*

9) He has written the lyrics for Gurinder Chadha's 'Bend it Like Beckham' and assisted his father in penning the English lyrics for a song in Lagaan.

10) He managed to consistently wow us with his acting prowess with movies like Karthik calling Karthik, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and more.

11) Because despite having the smallest role in Dil Dhadhakne Do, he stole the show with his intense and hot, hot, hot avatar!

If all this doesn't have you rushing to form a  Farhan Akhtar Fan Club, then we don't know what will!