Wait What!!! Harry Styles is Chopping Off His Hair?

And we have Prince Harry to blame for this heartbreaking idea.




​*Keep calm and breathe into a paper bag*. Yes, that's what happened to us when we heard the news! As if hearing "Made in the A.M." being 1D's last album wasn't devastating enough...we just got this piece of information.

Apparently it all happened at this year's Royal Variety Performance in the UK, where Prince Harry met the 21-year-old heartthrob. The Prince was heard asking the pop star, "When was the last time you had a haircut?" And what our Stylepunzel said next made our jaws drop! While Harry said it isn't something that he's been thinking about, but whenever he would, it would be for charity. "I'm not planning on it right now but at some point, I will do it for charity," Harry told his namesake!

We kinda admit that it's a genius ideas since it'll help raise millions but as Harry's been all about 'long hair, don't care' for a while now, whenever he lobs off his glistening locks, we might have to plan a memorial for 'em once they're gone!