Can You Actually HATE Sonam Kapoor For Being Oh-So-Stylish?

Apparently a certain "big actress" does!




​We all know that Sonam Kapoor is THE most stylish actor in Bollywood. Even if she stepped out in a potato sack tomorrow, she'll make it work (hells yeah!). Recently, the actor got candid at an event and revealed that being stylish comes with a price...oh no, we ain't talking about the big bucks you gotta shell out for hiring a stylist or the clothes, and the shoes, and the bags. Phew! But, Sonam let slip something quite shocking...that she's being abused by a lot of her counterparts in the industry for always being immaculately dressed.

She remarked: "A lot of actresses are abusing me for it. I remember a very big actress telling me 'Sonam, why did you do this. You know how much money I am paying my stylist right now'." Sonam added, "I was like I don't pay my stylist, it's my sister (Rhea Kapoor) or I just style myself. You just have to be yourself." 

Awww Sonam, we'd never ever hate you for this, you've given us soo many #OOTDgoals. And your haters, here's what we wanna say to them: haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!