This is What Makes Sarah Jane Dias Really Mad!

And it's #legit.




We caught up with the gorgeous Saraj Jane Dias and she opened up about that fact that lack of respect really makes her angry. Here's what she said and we quote, "Whether it's disrepect towards the elderly, women or the environment—it really gets my goat! We're living in an age where there is no value for life and we're massively abusing our resources. But I'm an eternal optimist, I believe human beings can change. Owing to a constant abuse of the environment, our generation has also seen a lot of people working on eco-friendly ideas, and it's wonderful to be a part of that movement. As for celebrities setting an example and bringing about a change, I don't like to attach myself to the word 'celebrity'. I feel that anyone who's setting an example can bring about a change. And once people realise it on their own, they'll make amends."

Awww, that's such a sweet thought!