Akshay Kumar's Latest Instagram Proves that He's Just a Regular Dad After All

Because you know your dad will post a picture of the Prime Minister pulling your ears all over his Instagram too...or maybe not...




​You know when you go to any function with your parents and you meet other adults and they pull your cheeks and tell you how much you've grown?

So when you're a star kid, this will happen to you too, only the 'adults' would be the Prime Minister of the country and your father would post this on Instagram for the whole world to see as he is so proud of you!

This is what happened when Akshay Kumar attended the International Fleet Review 2016 with his family and met PM Modi, who called his son a 'good boy' and pulled his ear for good measure too!

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BBcLx19hgR-/?taken-by=akshaykumar[/instagram]

Million dads all over the world just chuckled in unison.