10 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Sonakshi Sinha

...like how much she LOVES Katrina Kaif's body!




​#1. She's a major Katrina Kaif fan!

" The woman has an amazing body! She's extremely fit!​" she tells Cosmo.

#2. Manish Malhotra is her go-to designer

"It's hard to choose just one go-to, but him and Payal Singhal come up top," she says.

#3. She loves that she looks like her mum

"​People often wish that they could look like this or that person instead of themselves but I've never really felt that way about myself. I'm happy I look the way I do—I look like my mother, and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world​."

#4. She loves jewellery to death

"I can't imagine going out without my necklaces and rings," she exclaims.

#5. Weight-training is her favourite form of exercise

"That, and yoga. ​ I have to keep alternating whenever my body gets used to any one thing," she says.

#6. She's not big on the dressing-up thing

​"I'm more of a dress-down person, than dress-up. The truth is, I can't stand dressing up! I like my clothes to be casual—track pants, flip-flops: that's much more me. I'd live in them if I could," she reveals.

#7. But when she has to, she loves doing her eye make-up most

​"When I step out of the house, my favourite bit is doing up my eyes. I think they're definitely one of my best features, and if I play them up just right, they end up doing the talking for me." ​

#8. Her fave places are Zara and Topshop

​"I know I can always find trends that work for me at Zara and Topshop if I need a little fashion inspiration!" ​Sonakshi tells us.

#9. She wishes her metabolism was better

"​I love food way too much to give it up. The only thing I wish I could change a little is my metabolism. It's always been slow, so my body reacts way slower to exercise than it would for other people. I try to stay healthy as much as I can with the way I eat, though—I give in and gorge if I'm really craving something (followed, of course, by an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill in repentance for my sins!)" ​she laughs.

#10. But she loves her curves anyway!

​"My curves are my favourite feature. Having a beautiful body is subjective. It just depends on the way you naturally look. If you're stick-thin, don't be self-conscious. The same way, if you're curvy, don't keep wishing you were skinny. It's unfair that people are forced to conform to a standard of beauty that may not come naturally to them. What's most important, really, is to be fit, healthy and happy. Just love the way you look—and own it!" ​