Here's What Farhan Akhtar Thinks You Should NEVER Say to a Woman…

…along with Bollywood friendships, his pet peeves, and more!

Farhan Akhtar definitely tops our list of most charming, intelligent and unassuming men in Bollywood, and he's hot property right now! Here, he talks to Cosmo about life, love, and friendship.

Are you a shy guy or an outgoing kinda guy?

"It takes me a while to open up to people. But when I do, there's no holding back."

Who's your 4am phone call friend?

"Personally, I don't know if I have besties. I think if I had to pick up the phone at any time of night and call someone, Ritesh (Sidhwani), who's my business partner, would be the first. I won't even count people like Zoya (Akhtar), Reema (Kagti) and all—they are family. But I feel probably Hrithik (Roshan) is someone I could call. I feel comfortable calling him if I need something. Shah Rukh (Khan) is another person that I could call and Karan (Johar). These are the ones that come to my mind."

What's your number one relationship rule?

"I think the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. To start with, if you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy in a relationship. I feel you need to tell your partner what it is you're feeling at every single point."

So there's never a point where you think a little white lie could help?

"It's about more than just white lies. At times, things are more stressed-related, you know, that you don't want to burden somebody with. So certain things, like maybe when it's a work related problem or a relationship problem that someone else is facing—whether it's professional or personal, that is troubling you, you feel like you don't need to share it with your partner because there's just so much going on anyway."

What's the one thing you've learned never to say to a woman?

"I think a thing you should never say to women is 'I don't like the way you've done your hair' (laughs). I haven't tried it yet, but I have a feeling it's something you shouldn't say. And if she asks if she's looking fat in a dress, you say, 'What dress?!'. Don't comment on her, comment on the dress (laughs)."

And what should a woman never say to a man? 

"I think men are very simple. You shouldn't say things like 'I hope you've eaten enough' or 'aur kitna khaoge ab?' You should stay away from such judgments."

What's your idea of men being gentlemen?

"I think there's a certain quality required beyond the superficial. I think earlier, people confused it with opening doors, letting women go first, etc. I think today, believing that the other person is equal to you is as gentlemanly as you can get."

What's your biggest pet peeve?

"I really get stressed if I can't get in touch with somebody. Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and at some level I feel that a person should be available on the phone all the time! I am guilty of disappearing as well, but you know, I just get so stressed and I don't know why."

Farhan Akhtar is most afraid of...

"I guess letting down the people I care about. It's something I don't ever want happening."​