Here's Why You Need to Know All About KISS

An exclusive Cosmo Interview with Archana Vijaya

We got to talking the fabulous VJ/Entrepreneur Archana Vijaya about her gorgeous new accessory label KISS (Keep It Simple & Sexy) her long-time love for accessories, and the biggest mistakes people make with it.

Cosmo: ​ So, what inspired you to start KISS?

Archana Vijaya: Basically, I got married last year and I moved to Delhi. I was in a transition phase from my hectic life in Bombay (which just became SO much more hectic when I moved here!). But when I came here, I decided to finally act on an old dream—I'd wanted to start something of my own for a very long time. I'd already taken the biggest plunge I could've ever thought of taking in my life—getting married—so I figured, 'What's one more?'

Cosmo: ​ How did KISS finally come into being?

Post my honeymoon, I started the legwork on KISS. Initially, I just wanted to start a marketplace for accessories. But then, I realised I was also really into product design myself, so I decided to start a home brand ain addition to the ones I was curating from. As someone in the glamour industry, we're lucky because we get access to great accessories, as well as great stylists who style us. We get to wear all sorts of things. Most regular people don't have that opportunity. There's a lot of brands that have a beautiful mix of clothes and jewellery, but the idea behind KISSwas for it to be an accessories-only website. It's been handpicked, curated and designed by me. 

Cosmo: ​ Tell us a bit about what KISS is doing right now.

Fashion is all about loose silhouettes right now, and people want to able to transform their daywear to something that works for a night-out. The best way to do that is with accessories. That was the whole concept behind KISS. We wanted to be able to provide people a service where we're styling your clothes FOR you.So we have jewellery, sunglasses and bags—and we also have a cute section called KISS For Fun, with cool knick-knacks and stationary and things that i pick from my travels around the world.

Cosmo: ​ If you were an accessory, what would you be?

I think I'd be a body chain. I love bags and shoes, but they're not half as sexy as a body chain. I mean, shoes can be sexy too! But, a body chain is sensual and sexy in a way unlike anything else.

Cosmo: ​ What's your go-to pair of shoes?

I hate wearing heels, even though I own a tonne of them! I often wear loafers, because they're smart-casual but they're just so comfy. But for a night-out my nude Louboutin pumps are my favourite.

Cosmo: ​ ​One accessory mistake people often make?

Looking a Christmas tree! Less is more, guys.  I think one statement piece does the trick. I'm the sort of person who likes to keep it simple, yet sexy, so I'd rather just wear a ring with studs. If I'm wearing big earrings, I just wear my wedding ring and a diamond tennis bracelet (for a bit of sparkle on my arm). People need to realise you're not going for a wedding every single day.