So, Deepika Padukone Auditioned For a Tom Cruise Movie...

…this is the best news we've heard all day!




​We've been thrilled since the day our Bollywood beauties started taking over Hollywood. Not only does it put India on the world map, it also opens up avenues for other extremely talented pool of actors that we have here.

And as if we weren't proud of Deepika Padukone already (for bagging a role in the Vin Diesel-starrer xXx: the Return of Xander Cage), the gorgeous actor has apparently auditioned for a role in The Mummy reboot, which also stars Tom Cruise (ooo yummy!). Though she hasn't heard back from the casting directors yet, if sources are to be believed, the role is of an Egyptian girl and Deepika auditioned in Los Angeles for it.

Oh we are only hoping that she gets it…and already dreaming about how the two of them will look together!