Kanan Gill Tells Us His Top 10 Favourite Chick Flicks!

#3. Is so WEIRD!

#1. Mean Girls

"Its hilarious, for starters. I love how in the end Regina gets hit by a bus—that's what seals the movie for me. It sets it apart from every other chick-flick. People get hit by a bus or a car in movies all the time, but that's always tragic. This, on the other hand, was comic!

#2. 50 First Dates

"I like it because it's based on a true story. I think it's insane that it was someone's life and they appropriated that to a comedy movie. That takes a real sense of humour."

#3. Dirty Dancing

"Dirty Dancing is very important to my family, I have actually never seen the film but my parents they love the soundtracks, so I have grown up listing to My sweet baby, We are gonna make love. It still counts as a favourite."

#4.He's Just Not That Into You

 "I have actually read the book—yes, it's based on a book! Did you know that? Oh, you did. Oh okay, FINE! And the book is a piece of sh*t, by the way. I wrote a blog post about it back in the day, the book annoyed me to THAT extent."

#5 Sex and the City 2 

"It was really fun, but I don't think anybody goes to Abu Dhabi and thinks that sh*t will happen to them. Also, how much do you have to pay for things to be like that? Like, so fancy?"

#6. ​The Devil Wears Prada

​"My sister really likes it so I have seen it 10 times—atleast. Meryl Streep is so f*cking talented! Not the best writing, though, TBH. And why in every chick-flick is a guy wearing tracks and cooking at home. Is that what women want?"

#7. Friends With Benefits

"Just because Justin Timberlake. Just because. Such a fan."

#8. Bridget Jones' Diary

​"I think it was iconic—it set a new character trope of that bubbly female character, which like so many films after that tried to copy."

#9. ​Freaky Friday

"When I saw it back in the day I really liked it. I doubt that I'd like it now. I thought Lindsay Lohan was really attractive (back then!). I know, I know. Times were different."

#10. Music and Lyrics

"I like most films with Hugh Grant in it—he's so good at that character he keeps playing! Plus, you know, he lives next to my sister's house in London so I see him all the time. Just saying."