6 Times Bollywood Celebs Rocked The Most Popular Hashtags on Insta




1. When Priyanka Chopra posted this adorable #tbt pic

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BF8PWBvJs-v/[/instagram]

​2. When Alia Bhatt showed #love for her squad

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/-ywKP4C-yx/?taken-by=aliaabhatt&hl=en[/instagram]

3. When Sonam Kapoor reminded us who's the Queen of #nofilter selfies

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDDNrbfQhaU/[/instagram]

4. When Jacqueline Fernandez posted this uber cute #selfie

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BDko97QIp_p/[/instagram]

5. When Nargis Fakhri's #hair left us in awe

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/BFGmecClKno/[/instagram]

6. When DP's #ootn was so ON POINT!

[instagram ]http://instagram.com/p/3y8hQVwtlA/[/instagram]