Whoa! An American Comedian Called Priyanka Chopra a "Worldwide Treasure"...

...and even thanked India for gifting her to the world.




PC already has a huge list of admirers from across the globe, and she has another fan from the West has added to this list now. Brian Q Quinn, a member of an American comedy troupe, The Tenderloins is kind of in awe of her, calling her a "worldwide treasure".

Brian further added, "Personally speaking, we will never be able to pay back India for gifting Priyanka to the world. She really is something special. Thank you, India. Thank you so much."​ 

The comedian is equally interested in Bollywood. He termed "every Bollywood movie" as the "most fun movie ever made", and eagerly wants work with Priyanka as his love interest in a Bollywood flick!