Arjun Kapoor Just Said the SWEETEST Thing About His Bromance With Ranveer!

This love will last forever...




The one couple we're absolutely NEVER going to be over is the Ranveer/Arjun duo–from being Roasted (Bro-asted, if you will) together, to make terrible, flop enterprises like Gunday together with fierce pride, the two've stuck together through the thickest and thinnest of mustaches.

In a heartwarming moment, around Ranveer's fast-approaching 31st birthday, Arjun said he was glad that, in an industry that was all business, all the time, the two had managed to stay friends all along.

"We are same-same, but different," he said, most adorably. ​

​"I think in a profession where a lot of people wouldn't want us to be friends, we've managed to retain the core values of being friends, and I hope that continues," Arjun told IANS here., adding that they were ​"diametrically opposite in our personalities, but we have a lot of similarities in our tastes… So the kind of cinema, hobbies or the conversations we've had, it just shows that two different people can also be very similar in their own way."

Boys, you have our vote for Couple of the Year. Deepika, we're sorry but you're just not bromantic enough.