10 Interesting and Lesser Known Facts About Anushka Sharma

For instance, like how she thinks all men are hilarious! Happy Birthday, girl.

01 May, 2018
10 Interesting and Lesser Known Facts About Anushka Sharma

Discovered at a mall in Bengaluru by ace fashion designer Wendell Rodricks, Anushka Sharma never thought of venturing into acting and always wanted to be a model. However, lady-luck had other plans for her and she went on to become the only actor besides Shah Rukh Khan who got to work with both Yash and Aditya Chopra, the most sought after filmmaker father-son duo in Bollywood. Here are some interesting facts and little-known deets about the model turned actor/producer/entrepreneur (some real talent there!)

1. Anushka won the "Hottest Vegetarian Award" by PETA India in 2015 along with Aamir Khan. She endorses surviving on plant-based foods as a way of living.

anushka sharma

2. We have often seen Anushka promote various environmental causes through her social media and use her celeb status to create some difference, be it for a cleaning drive, or for simply asking people to keep water for birds and animals in the scorching heat.

2. Everyone knows about Anushka's fondness for her pet labrador, Dude. Not just that, she is an outright animal lover, and her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her cuddling with different animals!

3. Extremely professional and dedicated to her craft, Anushka really knows how to burn the midnight oil. Not just in the case of the video below, but it was known that for her debut role, she prepped for her scene for one full day, and refused to give an impromptu screen test.

4. Reportedly, Anushka loves wearing backless and finds it extremely liberating and a confidence boost to pull off something that bold.

Here's an excerpt from her old Cosmo Quiz, from when the gorgeous star was our cover girl.

5. If there's one things that freaks the hell outta her, it is a lizard.

"Oh my god, I'm SO terrified of them!"

6. If she had to invite five people to dinner, they'd be...

"​Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, Federer, Benazir Bhutto and Jennifer Lawrence.​"

7. She thinks most men are naturally funny.

​"You know, for some reason, every guy I meet these days has a good sense of humour," she saidearnestly. "I think that's become like a default setting in boys!"​

8. She's not big on planning.

​"Whenever I've planned on doing something, it hasn't worked out, and God has done something better for me. So maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't plan."​

9. She describes herself as 'painfully shy'.

"​I'm not a very confident person," she said. "I might come across as that because of my films, but I'm very very shy. It takes me time to open up and talk to people."​

10. She thinks drive is the most important thing in the universe.

"​Even when I was a kid, whenever I was given something to do, I just did it to the best of my ability. Tomorrow, even if I was supposed to sell vegetables on the street, I'd ensure I succeed at that. That's what it is. I'm very sincere and honest when it comes to my work. And I'm very focused, which comes with the sincerity.​"

Happy birthday Anushka Sharma!