Rita Ora is a futuristic fashion queen in wraparound sunglasses and a gold latex gown

It's giving sci-fi chic.

22 February, 2024
Rita Ora is a futuristic fashion queen in wraparound sunglasses and a gold latex gown

With the seriously epic Dune: Part Two press tour taking over our Insta feeds (and the Cosmo Fashion section) for the past few weeks, it should come as little surprise that futuristic fashion is fast becoming the aesthetic du jour. Zendaya and Florence Pugh have been leading the pack, naturally, hitting red carpets all over the world in bold, Dune-inspired ensembles that thus far have included co-ordinating crop tops and maxi skirts with thigh-high slits, dramatic hooded dresses and even a full-on robot bodysuit in a sexy mix of see-through perspex and metal (vintage Mugler, obvs).

And now, it seems the futuristic fashion bug has come for none other than Rita Ora, too. Always one to embrace and experiment with a new trend – no matter how out-there or daring it may be – Rita shared a series of snaps on Instagram from behind-the-scenes of a video shoot, and it's *seriously* avant-garde.


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It it just us, or does it all look quite Dune coded?! The huge sun-like spotlight... The gold maxi dress... We feel like Zendaya and/or Florence Pugh would be right at home on this set, tbh!

But back to the important stuff: Rita! Firstly, we're absolutely living for her new lilac hair, and that skintight gold latex gown with a dramatic fishtail skirt is seriously epic too. But our favourite detail has to be Rita's chosen eyewear: a pair of visor-like wraparound sunglasses in a cool purple shade to beautifully match her hair. Nothing says futuristic quite like 'em! The perfect finishing touch.

Credit: Cosmopolitan