7 Low-Key Genius Clothing Hacks You've Never Thought of

Omg this dyer sheet trick is like magic?!

Clothes! We all wear 'em! But sometimes they can be the cause of major frustration when a thread snags, when the fabric is pilled beyond belief, or when your dress is just NOT staying in place. And, more often than not, the specific tools to fix said problems are not handy when you're out and on-the-go (or have zero cash). Enter these unsung fashion hacks from Reddit that cost basically nothing and feature more commonplace items that you can fit in your purse or stash at your desk.

Backcomb your faux-fur or fleece items to give them more fluff.

Trying to get in the last couple of uses of your furry coat before it warms up, but it's all matted and pilled and not cute? Gently take a backcomb brush to it to give it more life (i.e. make it more fuzzy). This method also removes rough pilling so your coats and sweaters will look (almost) as good as new!



Use packing tape as an emergency lint roller.

Sometimes you realize you don't have a lint roller on you, and it's always the moment you need it most. Of course. But another thing that'll get all those lint fuzzies and hair off yourself is good ol' fashioned packing tape.

One Reddit user swears by Scotch packing tape: "Much stickier than a lint brush and pulls everything off in one yank." And I believe her. So if you're ever in a pinch at the office before a big meeting, odds are you can scrounge around for a roll and test drive this yourself. (And when you do find it, hoard it at your desk so you can keep it handy for future use.)

Back of your earring post fell out? Stick a pencil eraser in it.

One second you're wearing a heavy earring, and then the next, it drops on the ground because the back slid off—and now it's forever lost. But you don't have to go the whole day trying to confidently rock a single earring while pretending this was part of your lewk all along. Enter: A nifty pencil eraser that actually holds your studs and dangly accessories in your earlobe.




Apply sticky gel for strapless dresses and socks that won't stay in place.

Constantly tugging up your dress because you're in constant fear of a wardrobe malfunction is not fun. Neither is pulling up your socks that keep falling down, hence, no one can see how cute they actually are! While some items have silicone and rubber striping on the inside that are supposed to hold them up, most of the time they don't seem to work that well? So if you've tried every trick in the book, try this one last hack: Sticky. Gel.

"For strapless casual wear, I use a roll-on sticky gel that keeps my dress up and prevents the terrible look of lifting it with my hands," one user wrote. They also recommended this body fixative so their no-show socks stay "no-show." These wash off easily with water and won't mark or stain your clothing either, so your garment (whatever that may be) is held in place—and you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone. Amazing! 

If your white clothes are looking, uhh, less than white, put them out in the sun.

Summer's almost here and so is the time to wear all your white clothing! But if they're looking a little dingy and you don't want to drop some $$ on bleach, a not-so-quick, but super easy way to make them bright again is to leave them out in the sun. But the key is that they have to be WET.

One user suggests either hanging your whites in the sun or laying them flat and flipping them halfway through right after they come out of the wash.

(But also totally understand if you don't have the time, so here's a whitener you can throw in the wash!) 

Use a bobby pin to get rid of snagged threads. 

If the weave of the garment isn't too tight, you can use this low-key genius method to save all your snagged tops.

But if the weave is tighter and won't allow a bobby pin to pass through, from personal experience you can also use the point of a safety pin to carefully push the rogue thread down to the inside of your clothing. 

Remove annoying deodorant streaks by rubbing it with a fabric softener sheet or another piece of fabric.

I mean, this video is like watching sorcery but it works so well?! But keep in mind that this is is purely for *fresh* deo marks like a you-were-in-a-hurry-and-totally-missed-your-armpit kind of thing. Deodorant stains—as opposed to marks—require more TLC like soaking them in white vinegar, applying baking soda, or putting them in water and hydrogen peroxide because build-up is a little harder to remove.