5 Ways to Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

From investing in classics to supporting homegrown brands, designer Anavila Mishra tells you how to be ethical in your fashion picks.

There’s a need, more now than ever to support local craft eco-systems. The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the fashion industry and designers have been urging people to make ethical fashion choices. If you thought your clothing choices wouldn’t make a big difference, now is the time to change that perception. The consume-and-chuck-it cycle that mostly governs how we dress now can be swapped with conscious and deliberated decisions. Designer Anavila Mishra, lists five simple ways that can make a big cumulative difference.     

Invest in classics

Pick timeless pieces that you can wear beyond  fashion seasons.  “Look for well-made clothes that will last longer and help reduce the carbon footprint,” says Anavila. These clothes would come with a higher price tag, but they are worth investing in. 

Anavila Mishra

Know the label/brand you are investing in

Do not blindly trust any label that reads organic or sustainable, do your research advises Anavila. If it’s a global brand, there will be enough information online or check the Fashion Transparency Index published by Fashion Revolution and Ethical Consumer, which ranks companies according to their level of transparency. Read up about brands that advocate slow fashion, find out about the fabrics used, the processes employed. Again these may come with a cost, but shelling out a little extra for a cause sounds doable…right?

Support the local artisans and homegrown brands

An easy way to support the local artisans and craftspersons is to buy directly from them. There are various online aggregators/platforms that allow you to buy directly from them. Look for indigenous, homegrown brands that work with these artisans.   

Anavila Mishra

Increase the wardrobe life of your clothes

Look after your clothes. “It's easy to redo a frayed hem or put back a missing button. a little hole on a beautiful piece can be beautifully mended using embroidery or patchwork,” suggests Anavila.

Know your wardrobe

Anavila advises mixing old with new, accessorizing your classics with seasonal accessories. “Borrow vintage from your parents and grandparents and reinvent them,” she says.