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Kendall Jenner wears nothing but a tank top in sexy bed pics

The model topped off the risqué braless look with patent boots.

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Supermodel, tequila entrepreneur (her brand 818 Tequila has recently landed in the UK) and fashion creative director Kendall Jenner is a woman who has served many looks in her time. This, of course, is only natural: she's been working in the fashion industry since she was a teen and is a member of one of the world's most VIP families. All this means she has first dibs on gorgeous designer pieces and is among the elite figures who get to see clothes before they land in stores and online for the rest of us to buy.

Of late, she's been flexing her own unique fashion sense, which veers between girl-next-door and vampy glam. Recently, the latter aspect of her style has been on major display. As a quick recap, she's rocked some seriously sexy latex gloves with a fresh green dress, said "free the nipple" (kinda) in a slinky see-through dress, and rocked a bold set of leopard print lingerie.

Now, she's back at it, with a seriously slay new set of IG pics which were taken for the brand FWRD, for whom she is creative director. Specifically, hot on the heels of her gorge Calvin Klein semi-nude shoot, she appeared in a series of artsy, black and white pics.

In them, she can be seen to be wearing, well, not very much! She's rocking loose hair and minimal makeup, paired with a white, high neck tank top with a visible seam. Since she is not wearing any other clothing, it's kind of hard to tell whether the tank top is really a tank top or whether it is actually a micro dress. Whatever the story, the garment is pretty sheer and she's not wearing a bra - we're not quite sure where to look.

Kendall Jenner

In the photos, she's tumbling about on a bed and can also be seen wearing patent knee-high stiletto boots (not sure about shoes on a bed, but each to their own).

It's another slay look for Kendall, that's for sure!

Kendall Jenner