8 Ways You Can Play With Pop Colours and Chic Styles This Season

Start the new fashion season by playing with pop colours and chic styles—a combination that’s cheerful and striking!

1. Skirt, sweatshirt and boots, all Prabal Gurung; clutch, Leandra Bags

2. Dress, Sienna Li; earrings, Jude Benhalim

3. Dress, Aida Kaas; ring, Erickson Beamon; bag, Ann Turk; shoes, Paula Torres

4. Jeans, MK Duel; swimsuit, Volcom; visor hat, Dior

5. Jacket, trousers and earrings, all Chanel; hat, Hat Attack

6. Handmade silk dress, Sienna; sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger

7. Coat, Smarteez; tulle skirt and belt, both Monzlpaur; sweater, Kathryn Mccarron; shoes, Angela Mitchell; earrings, Erickson Beamon

8. Shirt, Sweet Matitos; trousers, John Paul Ataker; hat, Rudsak