A History of Rose Tinted Sunglasses and the Coolest Ones to Shop RN

This is how the most-trending sunglass shapes of the moment came into being. 

In China, sunglasses were used as early as the 12th century. Made out of flat panes of smokey quartz, they helped protect people’s eyes from the sharp glare of the sun. Cut to 2020, we might not have glasses carved out of gemstones, but the pastel-pink hue is certainly the rage. Available in different textures, this colour has found home in many a shape, owing to its delicate hue.

1. John Jacobs, Rs. 2,500.

2. DressBerry at myntra.com, Rs. 899

3. Zara, Rs. 890

4. H&M, Rs. 2,999

5. Ted Smith at myntra.com, Rs. 4,490