10 Style Commandments for Men Who Want to Dress Better

From picking out the right pair of socks to the CORRECT way of folding your collar, Kierti Chawla of Gingham Privé shares how you can suit up like a gentleman by perfecting all the little details in your outfit.

Nothing screams style quite like a well-fitted, colour-coordinated suit. While you may not think twice before suiting up for an office event, charity show or wedding celebrations, styling your go-to pantsuit right can surely add an extra edge to your ensemble. "How you put your suit together with accessories is definitely something one should think about for a few minutes. At Gingham Privé, we strive to help men ‘Style it Right’! Here are some great tips to help you make the right choices while picking the right accessories to complete your look for the day," says Kierti Chawla, CEO Gingham Privé.

10 Style Commandments for Men Who Want to Dress Better

Your accessories should be cousins, not siblings!

"ALWAYS choose colour coordinated accessories with your outfit but NOT the same fabric or design ones. For example, with a solid colour tie, use a patterned pocket square and vice versa. This will add more textures and give a crisp definition to your dapper look."

Get your watch to go with your cuff links

"Ensure the colour of the metal is consistent in your look. For instance, if you decide to pick a silver accessory with your ensemble, like a belt with a silver buckle, make sure you match the rest of the accessories, like the tie pin, lapel pin and/or cuff links, to the colour of the metal."

The tie pin has a designated spot

"The right placement of your tie pin is between the third and the forth button of your shirt. Anything lower or higher will be out of place."

Thou shall not mix thy blacks and browns.

"Another thumb rule is to NEVER mix blacks and browns. Remember this rule when you are picking shoes and belts to go with your outfit. With black suits, wear black shoes and black belt with a silver buckle. With a brown formal suit, wear brown shoes and belt. With grey formals, you can pair brown or blue accessories and with a blue suit, you have the flexibility to match black or brown accessories. It is also important to choose the same coloured band shoes for your formal look."

Slim or thick? Know your tie width

"The width of a neck tie for an outfit depends on the size of the collar of the suit jacket. If the collar size is thin, go for a slim neck tie. For thicker width collars, pick a thick width tie."

Pick your tie prints

"The most common mistake that men make with ties, is pairing patterned ties with different patterned shirts. For instance, matching a paisley tie or a polka dot tie with a check shirt is a BIG no-no. Instead, combine stripe shirt with a stripe tie, a check shirt with a check tie, and when you want to make an easy choice, just go for a solid coloured shirt with a matching patterned tie of your choice."

Suspenders 101

"A few rules apply to the gallace too. Its best to not pair a neck tie with a gallace. You may choose to wear a bow-tie instead. Also, skip the belt while wearing a gallace, as practically, both are meant to perform the same function."

Choose socks to go with the outfit

"Choose the right length socks with your outfit. Long length socks can be worn with formal suits while hidden socks should be worn with loafers teamed up with a casual or semi-formal look. Also, pop socks should be worn with a casual outfit and not with a formal suit. Only use dress socks with formal western wear."

Invest in a bigger belt size

"When buying a belt, always buy a size bigger, that is, for a 32 inch waist size, once should wear a 34 inch waist belt. This will align the belt correctly and be more comfortable to wear."

Tuck your collar in

"Shirt collars should always be INSIDE the collar of the suit. "

Bag it up like a pro

"With formal wear, backpacks are a no-go. Always carry laptop bags to complete your formal look."

Check your accessories and remove if needed

"Last, but not the least, the most important advice is to AVOID over-accessorising. Make it SIMPLE and STYLISH!"