10 Black Rings Just Right For Those Who Love Wearing Black

Bold, beautiful and always in style — if your wardrobe is all about black ensembles, check out these gorgeous black gemstone rings to suit your style. 

Sparkling black sapphire or the unbreakable Elysium diamond band and more, black gemstones are a classy way to add oomph to your bijou box. Check out some classy, sparkling gems that are perfect for a one-of-a-kind black ring!

10 Black Rings Just Right For Those Who Love Wearing Black

Black diamonds

Just as precious as the usual colourless diamonds, but black, these babies are a gorgeous option for a wedding ring. They often come in two types- natural black diamonds that are more expensive of the two and colourless diamonds that have been treated to look black.

Elysium diamond band

A ring made entirely from diamonds? Yes, these rings are created by fusing 20–25 million diamond crystals together to create this beauty. It is scratch-resistant and does not break, because it is made from diamonds after all! However, resizing it may be an issue.

Black Sapphire

If you are looking to go really black, this stone is the one for you. Affordable and so opaque, black sapphires are a must-have for anyone for who black is bae.

Black Opal

An exceptionally rare stone, these stones have a dark colour-play going on as well as quite a hefty price tag.

Black Pearls

Also known as Tahitian pearls, these are one-of-a-kind and are an organic gem that is created by the black lip oysters.

Black zirconium

Looking for a matte black band? Then, this metal is the one for you. It is naturally silver-grey in colour and is made to look black through a heating process.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is very popular for its spiritual healing powers and has many variations of black. Sometimes it also occurs in deep green or blue colours that almost look black.

Carbon Fibre Rings

Black, strong and oh-so-durable, these minimalist bands are light to wear too.

Meteorite Rings

Rings fashioned out of the meteorites that have fallen on Earth such as Gibeon or Seymchan Meteorite are a great alternative option too. These are usually darker grey than black and can be used as an inlay with precious metals such as gold or platinum.

Black Onyx

Probably the most expensive version of onyx, this stone is sort of novelty wear since it is very fragile to be worn every day owing to its high porosity.

Black Gold

Well, this is just pure yellow gold that has been blackened and requires a little bit of TLC to keep its gorgeous black hue intact.

Black Spinel

A rare and precious stone, which is very underrated, it is almost similar to black diamonds and comes in many colours too.