5 homegrown brands that are here to satisfy all your shirt needs

There is nothing like a shirt to add that classic edge to your wardrobe.

16 December, 2022
5 homegrown brands that are here to satisfy all your shirt needs

You know those days when, try as you might, you just cannot find anything in your wardrobe that feels worth wearing, something that would capture the mood of the day and help give you just that boost of positive confidence and self-assured happiness? Safe it may be to say, as much as you would like to throw everything out and start working on a whole new wardrobe, there may be a simple solution—in the way of classics, that are just the rescue we all need on tough wardrobe days. 

And what is more classic than a crisp shirt done right? It is bound to give you the structure a chic look warrants and the confidence of edgy fashion choice, and having a few go-to's can be the answer to plenty of days of woe. 

Where may you find these? Well, here are some of the homegrown brands that are acing the game and are definitely on our shirt wishlist. 

Live Linen

There is nothing like linen for the Indian summers, and we are all for brands that can do a good linen shirt. Live Linen is definitely on top of this list. A slow fashion brand with sustainability at its core, this one brings the best of the fabric in a variety of styles that are sure to offer a fit for everyone. Add to it the simplicity and softness of the designs and we are definitely on board and ready for the summers. Of course, who said we aren’t layering it in the winters, too? And, just saying, they also have pants and dresses. 

Mellow Drama

If you are looking for shirts with an edge, you needn’t look beyond Mellow Drama. Pure fabrics with easy fits and contemporary cuts highlighted by fine quirky embellishments, embroideries, statement sleeves, ruffles, denim details, pearls, beads, and crystals is what this one offers. And while there is plenty to choose from this prêt wear brand, we cannot look beyond their shirts. This one is definitely worth a buy if you are someone who enjoys an experiment and is unafraid to add a statement to their shirt closet. 


We’re in love with the prints with this one—especially their tie-and-dye and floral selections. These are perfect for those dull, rainy, gloomy days that need a pop of colour to brighten your day. And, to add to it, they also offer customisation that allows you to get exactly what works for you. To say nothing of the slinky material they use for their shirts that are perfect for when you need to feel good about your body with an oomph in your look. 


Desk-to-dinner is what the brand promises, and hey, with shirts that look like that, we are all for going anywhere in them. We especially love their puff sleeves. And if you are looking for a classic white shirt (and you must be looking for one), you needn’t look beyond their white shirt. Plus, they have designs in various colours, so you can simply stock up on the ones you like in all your colours. 


Okay, we cannot stop raving about this one. This one is quirk at its minimal best. As the name suggests, it is a coming together of art and construction (in style) to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are just what you need for a fun day out, or a not-so-fun day out when you just want a pick me up. If you are looking for a white shirt that also says joy, this is it.