Birkenstock celebrates the anniversary of its most iconic silhouettes with a limited-edition collection

A limited-edition collection that combines modernity with timelessness.

11 May, 2023
Birkenstock celebrates the anniversary of its most iconic silhouettes with a limited-edition collection

Birkenstock is commemorating the significant milestones of three of its most successful designs—Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh—by bringing together unique elements of design, style, and comfort. Celebrating their 60th, 50th, and 40th anniversaries respectively, Birkenstock presents a limited edition capsule collection to honour these iconic models.

With a rich history dating back to 1774, Birkenstock is renowned worldwide as the inventor of the iconic and instantly recognisable sandals with anatomically shaped footbeds. The brand's exceptional comfort, functionality, and fashionable versatility have earned it widespread popularity. The carefully crafted and distinctive designs pay tribute to the iconic styles while ensuring utmost precision and care. This exclusive launch is a testament to their enduring silhouettes.

The common thread among the three models—Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh—is Birkenstock's core philosophy of the original footbed. The footbed's anatomical shape is the result of generations of orthopaedic expertise and Karl Birkenstock's unwavering mission to provide a natural gait for people worldwide. Inspired by the footprint left on sand, the Birkenstock footbed simulates walking on a soft and yielding surface.


In 1963, Birkenstock introduced Madrid, the foundation of all footbed sandals. Its simple yet versatile design was the brand's first creation. Drawing inspiration from his father's work on the footbed, the son collaborated with him to develop a shoe that would offer a "natural gait." The Madrid's minimalist and unisex design, influenced by the functional aesthetic of brutalist architecture, became a timeless classic. Initially considered a gymnastics sandal, it has become an integral part of everyday life, embodying functionality and character.


In 1973, Birkenstock launched the now-cult classic Arizona. This silhouette became one of the brand's most popular and best-selling designs, debuting ahead of the Birkenstock family's 200th heritage anniversary. Initially worn by musicians in Woodstock and Silicon Valley, the sandal made its way into the fashion world in 1993 after being exclusively available in health food stores for two decades. The Arizona is renowned for its complete support and elegant finish.


In 1983, Birkenstock introduced the Gizeh, which merged fashion and foot health. This thong sandal featured an ergonomically shaped toe bar, which took Karl Birkenstock three years to develop. Over time, the Gizeh collection expanded to include five different colours, including silver and gold shades.

The anniversary limited capsule collection by Birkenstock showcases bold and versatile styles—Madrid, Arizona, and Gize—available in a total of eight colours. This collection will be exclusively released on and at the Birkenstock store in DLF Promenade, Delhi starting from May 11, 2023. Additionally, the celebrated styles will continue to be available in contemporary variations at all online and offline Birkenstock stores