Why I can’t stop stealing my boyfriend’s clothes...

19 women share their thoughts!

21 May, 2024
Why I can’t stop stealing my boyfriend’s clothes...

I’d say that “borrowing” clothes from your boyfriend’s wardrobe is an integral part of the female experience; it’s a rite of passage. And as someone who’s always in favour of oversized clothing—I can never resist the urge to raid my boyfriend’s closet when looking for the ultimate comfort pieces. There’s something about lounging in his hoodies and t-shirts that brings me a sense of calm.

Do you ever look at your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Or feel like you’re tired of wearing the same pieces over and over again? If yes, then you should consider borrowing pieces from your boyfriend. Men’s silhouettes might be a tad bigger than the fit you’re used to, but they can look incredibly chic if styled right. Celeb couples have been doing it for as long as we can remember. Just take a look at Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, or even Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

Unisex and genderless clothing is all the rage right now, so it comes as no surprise that women are taking their beau’s clothing for a spin beyond the confines of their houses. From streetwear to formal pieces like blazers and button-downs, it’s time to take advantage of your significant other’s wardrobe. And to know more about it, we spoke to 19 women to understand why they often lean on their SO’s wardrobe for some sartorial inspiration. 

Khushnaz Turner, 47, content creator

I love borrowing clothes from my husband's wardrobe because it’s a great way to mix and match pieces to create a unique look. Plus, borrowing from his wardrobe always makes me feel like I’m getting away with something, and it’s a fun way to share our personal style with each other! In the picture above, I’m wearing a crisp white shirt that belongs to him. I’ve rolled up the sleeves and tucked one side in at the waist to give it a more feminine touch. It adds an effortlessly cool vibe to my overall style.


Sofia Rimoldi, 35, filmmaker

One of the reasons I like to wear my fiancé’s clothes is because they have his scent on them; it’s nice to feel his presence even when he’s not around. And I like to pair my feminine or fitted garments with his oversized clothes. Here, I’m wearing his denim jacket. It reminds me of the beginning of our relationship. He used to come to pick me up on his motorcycle and if I was cold, he would lend me this jacket. Besides looking very cute, I think the design is very cool!


Meera Patel, 20, computer science student

I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes because they’re incredibly oversized and cosy, making me feel as if I’m enveloped in a warm hug at all times. The jacket I’m sporting, a North Face 550 DryVent, is exceptionally warm and surprisingly stylish.


Archana Jain, 58, public relations practitioner

It doubles my closet (so it’s very sustainable), but mostly wearing your loved ones’ clothes lends a comforting warmth! I must confess that I actually envy my husband’s safari wardrobe, so I enjoyed sharing his olive green Columbia shirt and Sher Bagh cap on a recent trip to Kenya. This photo is taken at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp in the Loisaba Conservancy.


Jahnavi Singh, 25, software engineer

I can’t stop raiding my boyfriend’s closet for essentials. My new favourite staple is his white corduroy shirt. Not only does it smell like him but the oversized look also makes my outfit feel trendy!


Namrata Kedar, 35, fashion and beauty editor

I love incorporating masculine elements into my everyday dressing. Shopping in the men’s department aside, borrowing from the boys is the best (and sustainable) way to add some newness. From resurrecting my dad’s vintage waistcoats to styling my husband’s clothes—I’m all about oversized proportions and boxy shapes. Here I’m wearing my husband’s navy blazer, an often borrowed staple, that I paired with boxer shorts (another nod to menswear). A roomy tote and Sambas, and I’m off for a coffee run. 


Namrat Klair, 26, public relations consultant

I love raiding my husband’s wardrobe for his unique collection of shirts. That’s where I discovered gems like this hand-embroidered linen shirt from Kissa Goi, an emerging Indian brand. It was the highlight of my recent Fuvahmulah island trip, radiating summer vibes with its tropical embroidered elements—think fishes, palm trees, and everything we adore. This modern, gender-neutral piece perfectly embodies the brand’s focus on handcrafted natural materials, making it my ultimate summer staple.


Anisha Surana, 21, marketing executive

There are two things I can’t do without—boyfriend jeans and my boyfriend’s clothes (well, a situationship in my case). Not only are men’s clothes more comfortable but they also shorten the lengthy outfit-picking process. It’s also a favour for my partner, making his clothes smell better. The pale turquoise Zara T-shirt that I’m wearing is airy, cosy, and chic. Paired with a pleated tennis skirt, tan sandals, and a jute cap, it’s the perfect laid-back Sunday brunch look.


Anita Bedi, 65, entrepreneur

I’ve been in favour of borrowing my husband’s clothes since day one. The memory of this shirt is still fresh in my mind…The time may be long but it is still fresh in my memory. Year 1975, a young 23-year-old man walked into my home wearing this shirt, and something just clicked. The rest is history, he’s been my husband for almost 50 years.


Isha Sutaria, 31, content creator and writer

I love oversized fits. Classic pieces from my husband’s wardrobe like a white shirt or blazer can be layered on so easily, and make the look super chic yet comfortable. Like this grey blazer which I steal from him so often. (A pro tip, especially while travelling) I paired it with relaxed pants, a fitted turtleneck sweater, and a belt to add some structure. 


Deniese Pereira, 21, football and fitness coach

Somehow the clothes I pick from his cupboard just feel comfier! The piece I’m wearing here is an oversized tee that I “borrowed” while we were on vacation together.


Anisha Patel, 26, luxury marketing executive


I love borrowing clothes from my boyfriend’s wardrobe every time I go to his house. It makes me feel like I’m somehow closer to him and adds a silly cute touch to our relationship. If I return something, I make sure to add a touch of me to it by either sewing my initials on the inside of his sleeve or spraying my scent onto it. His wardrobe has slowly become our wardrobe now, and I regularly wear his hoodies and shirts as part of my everyday looks. It’s a great way for me to amp up my style with something unexpected! For this picture, I wore a pair of grey denim shorts and a black crop top, along with his shirt for an effortlessly beachy look, pairing it with minimal jewellery and some sunglasses. 


Gaura Tikku, 27, experiential strategist 


Nothing screams comfort much like worn-out baggy clothes, and my boyfriend’s closet is the easy choice when I need to look comfortable yet stylish. If styled correctly, oversized t-shirts, shirts, or even pieces of denim look really cool. The piece I am wearing in this picture is a Fabindia shirt that we picked up and I instantaneously fell in love with it (on him even more so)! Here I’ve styled it on top of a camisole with matching cotton shorts and black Birkenstocks.


Preesha Singh Rana, 23, VFX shoot coordinator


The idea behind wearing my boyfriend’s clothes is to feel like I’m with him even when we’re not physically together. It has a sentimental value, which I believe adds to any relationship. The T-shirt I’m wearing in the picture is actually one of the first clothing items I got from him, which was before we even started dating. Long story short, a few months down the line I kept the T-shirt and the guy.


Tanishi Ravani, 26, lawyer and content creator


His clothes have a different style and fit that adds variety to my wardrobe without spending a single penny. Plus, there’s a certain charm in rocking an oversized sweater or shirt—it’s like wearing a cosy hug from him. Here I’m wearing my husband’s polo tee which doesn’t fit him anymore. 


Darshana Dalamal, 22, marketing student 


There’s something undeniably thrilling about stealing and slipping into your boyfriend or clothes and never giving them back. Perhaps the most rewarding part of borrowing clothes from his wardrobe is the emotional connection it carries. Every piece tells a story—from the t-shirt he wore on our first spring break together to the dress shirt he wore on our first date. Each time I wear one of his clothes, it’s like reliving those memories and cherishing the bond we share! What sets this piece apart is its backstory—it’s not just any sweater; it’s college merch from our senior year.


Bobbie Gujaral, 50, property sales


I like wearing my husband’s clothes on the day I need to be comfy and stylish at the same time. Here, I’m wearing his Louboutin belt with a jacket from Saks—a look that’s effortless yet chic. 


Roshni Dadachanji, 28, consumer marketing manager


My husband has great taste! Perfectly tailored shirts, always a good mix of modern and classic. I’ve stopped buying my own because I find that his are always more comfortable. The added bonus: they always smell like him, so when he’s not in town and I miss him, he comes back with no shirts left in his closet!


Kavya Bhatara, 20, psychology student


Wearing his clothes feels like a constant hug from my best friend, just something about it makes me feel safe. This graphic T-shirt is something he wears fairly often so of course I stole it from his wardrobe!


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