Women who aced street style this month

We took the battle of the best-dressed to the streets, and were so impressed by your style picks.

By Team Cosmo
17 September, 2023
Women who aced street style this month

We love street style, especially because it gives people the opportunity to express themselves through fashion. We love how people experiment, explore a vulnerable space in fashion and really put themselves out there, as they walk with a spring in their steps, knowing they've created visual art!

Here's your dose of street style we loved this month!

Rashmi Chawla, 24

Rashmi Chawla

“The floral vest is reminiscent of my childhood memories as I picture my grandmother knitting floral motifs. The look is super-relaxed; it is a mix of modern and cottage core.”

Sanah Malhotra, 34

Sanah malhotra

“I had picked up this pastel floral dress from a boutique shop in Milan. This time, I’ve teamed up the number with striking pink heels from Zara and a vibrant green Bottega Veneta Bag— it makes the look more fun and playful.”

Chatanya Kumar, 22

Chatanya Kumar

“I have paired a thrifted wide-leg denim jeans with a ribbed crop top. The off-white blazer enhances the classic whites and blue hues of the denim as well as the top.”

Mahak Chaudhary, 25

Mahak Chaudhary

“I have styled these ultra-chic crocheted pants with a white crop tee and my favourite classic Air Max Sneakers. The accessories in contrasting colours add a hint of hue to the overall look.”

Khushi Chandra, 22

Khushi Chandra

“Embodying the essence of urban grunge, I have paired a faded black denim jeans with a crop top and a skull-print bandana, which is the perfect reflection of my edgy persona.”

Shanaya Joshi, 23

Shanaya Joshi

“The play of different hues in this outfit: a denim-on-denim jacket, maxi skirt, and a knot-tie top, makes a cohesive yet ‘stand out from the crowd’ statement look. To me, street style is really just what you make of it.”

Ishita Chopraa, 24

Ishitaa Chopraa

“This outfit exudes confidence and sophistication, while also adding a playful twist to the classic formal look. Street style for me is all about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing vibrant colors with unique combinations.”

Khushi Karki, 19

Khushi Karki

“I am wearing a striped long pants with a matching striped sleeveless waistcoat, paired with a casual white crop top underneath, which makes for a casual-chic look. The silver accessories, an elegant watch, and a smart brown leather bag further accentuate my outfit.”