Get That Life: How I Quit My Job And Became A Full-Time Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger

'Just remember to be yourself'

​Akanksha Redhu, 28, a Delhi based fashion/lifestyle blogger has built an impressive following in just a few years. Akanksha has worked with many lucrative brands including Burberry, Gap, Honda and Michael Kors and is living the dream of SO many aspiring fashion lovers. Akanksha shares how she entered the intimidating world of fashion blogging and made it her full time job. 

I was born in Golkonda, which is located near Hyderabad but lived all over India my entire life. My dad was in the army, which meant we moved around...a lot. However, most of my childhood was spent in Pune, then I headed off to college in Delhi. I always had a strong passion for fashion so I studied Fashion Design at NIFT and loved the creative side of the industry. My sister Naina Redhu encouraged me to keep a visual diary of my creative work while studying fashion and that is how my blog was born. I would post random inspiration pictures from the internet along with my college assignments on my blog here and there,  but was never really consistent.

[pullquote align="C"]my individuality and unique sense of style has set me apart from others. [/pullquote]

I got a job right after college but quit exactly 9 months after because I realized a 9-6 job was not for me. I spent a little bit of time creating my own fashion label, then shifted to creating my own accessories while still blogging. It was clear that I had to make a decision and pick either blogging or my accessories brand because dividing the attention between the two was not fair to either. So I made the hard decision to shut down my label and blog full time, which became one of the best decisions of my life. 

I spent a lot of time perfecting the clean, sleek look of my blog as well as the quality of my photographs. I started with a simple point and shoot camera, but I quickly switched to using a DSLR which gave me the clarity and quality I was looking for. My husband, Aman, takes most of my photographs, but sometimes I will ask my sister, Naina, who is also a blogger to click my pictures. I love my photographs to pop, so I always look for clean backgrounds that still have nice, bright colours but are not too busy. It is sometimes hard to shoot in Dehli, with so many people and all, but I shoot in the mornings, when the light isn't too harsh and the roads are not too full. When I am traveling to a beach or hilly location, the world is my playground. I can shoot anywhere and the photograph will look magnificent.

[pullquote align="C"] Find what makes you unique, give it your best shot and the rest will follow. [/pullquote]

Along with having high quality photographs and well written content, the key to becoming  a successful blogger is consistency. Being consistent will bring your readers back again and again, which will help grow your audience organically. It also builds trust with brands who would potentially like to collaborate with you.  If you want to get into blogging, the best advice I can give is to just do it. Start today, right now! Remember to be yourself and not compare yourself to other bloggers. I definitely think my individuality and unique sense of style has set me apart from others. I am not afraid to show off my body in a bikini or mis-match an outfit with random accessories because I feel that is what makes me different. Find what makes you unique, give it your best shot and the rest will follow. 

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