This Seriously Fashionable Grandpa Is So Hot Right Now

His name is Gunther Krabbenhoft. GUNTHER KRABBENHOFT.




Meet Gunther Anton Krabbenhoft. Mr. Krabbenhoft is a grandpa who lives in Berlin, Germany. It's unclear how old he is, but he says the recent press calling him the coolest 104-year-old grandpa is false - he wrote on Facebook he is actually half that age. Whatever, age is not important. The fact that he is a veritable street style string bean is.

Bjorn Akstinat of the German fashion blog shickaa first noticed him and photographed him at a train station in a red bowling hat, a yellow bow tie, and maroon leather driving gloves. He told the blog: "I've always dressed like this. When I went to work, when I go to exercise. I want to look at myself with joy. It's also always a reflection of my inner self."

Since then, Krabbenhoft has been posting fashionable pictures (and some selfies) to cater to his growing fan base on Facebook. See some of his finest below:

I hope this man really is 104. I hope he lives forever. I hope I can be like him when I grow up one day.

By Tess Koman

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