A Sneak Peek into Hidesign A/W'16

Alberto Ciaschini, who has been been carefully shaping Hidesign's aesthetics since 2004, was in the country to develop the blueprint for the brand's A/W'16 collection. A firm believer in the 'less equals more' philosophy, he has created yet another clean repertoire-a 90's throwback complete with geometric elements, monochrome colours and cutwork embroidery. Cosmo finds out what's in store!




What do you think Hidesign as a brand stands for?

Identity. It offers a choice of high quality leather alongside craftsmanship. The 'Made at Hidesign' tag distinguishes it from any other bag in the market today.

How would you sum up your aesthetic? How has it shaped the A/W'16 collection?

Elegance, simplicity and uniqueness.  My aesthetics always drive my every concept or product design. 
I strive to give the brand an international flair while remaining true to its values', as well as those of the customers.

Why do you think simplicity is so integral to fashion?

Simply put, it helps reduce everything that brings a product to be unpleasant.

What are the key pieces of this collection?

How do you envision them?
Diadema and Zaniah, definitely. They have been designed keeping in mind aficionados of clean style. A simple dress or pants with a shirt will work in perfect synchronicity.

What has been the best part about working on this collection?

From arrival to departure, my time in India has always been incredible-and that will remain as a highlight of this design journey.