bhane. Goes Global!

From 'New Delhi to New York City', the chic Indian brand is all set to take over the world.




​As a brand that doesn't create a look book with professional models but real people—read bloggers, stylists, photographers and others who portray the functional style that connects with people—bhane. stuck a chord with the fashion-conscious set in the country. And now, as bhane. approaches its third anniversary, it's all set to take the 'real style' across seven seas! 

bhane. has just launched its US site (www.bhane.us) by taking its street style format to the streets of New York, celebrating the universality of its design ethos in the process. Since its inception, the brand thrives on the concept of individuality, wearability, and authenticity. And with the launch of the US website, their campaign, 'New Delhi to New York', fit the scheme of things perfectly and further reinforces the global nature of their DNA. Uniquely bhane., the campaign features crowd-sourced 'models' from all walks of life, professions, and style, aptly capturing the spirit of individuality in our two favourite cities.

Get your fix of the brand on bhane.com or visit their brick and mortar store in Meharchand Market in New Delhi.