STOP EVERYTHING! There's a Dress Made Out of Beer! Cheers!!

What's not to love? Beer...Good!! Fashion...Gooood!! Environmental Friendly...Goooood!!!




The perfect components of a party - a great dress and beer, have been put together to create a sustainable material to create garments.

So how is it possible to create textile out of beer? Scientist Gary Cass and designer Donna Franklin have created a dress using ordinary liquid beer and a bacteria called Acetobacter. It might sound all wrong to think of wrapping your body with booze and bacteria, but the end material is quite beautiful and normal in texture. So here is how it works - Cass added the bacteria, which poses no threat to human beings and infact it's used to make cooking vinegar for beer. The bacteria then absorbs the liquid and creates it into a solid fibre.

He came up with this idea years ago while working in a vineyard where he accidentally let oxygen in a fermenting barrel of wine, leading to growth of the bacteria - Acetobacter. As a result of which, in a week's time, much of the wine had transformed into a solid material leading to the idea of creating fibre with wine, and the Wine Dress came into being.

Wine dress though was not a big success as it had to be kept wet else the dress would shatter into pieces, and who wants that to happen. The beer dress on the other hand is absolutely wearable, flexible, free of any beer smell and actually environmental friendly as well, as it decomposes completely. 

We say let the booze flow!! ​