Your Aries Horoscope for the Month of August 2021

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Love & Relationships

Ah, the bliss, the harmony! You and your partner are perfectly in sync this month. For those in a committed relationship,  there will be mutual understanding and cooperation. Jupiter and Venus will help romance and passion to grow aka those who are single will find fortuitous romantic opportunities. This is the time when you can devote your energy to nurturing your relationship and working towards stability. A fun-filled family gathering is on the cards, look forward to strengthing those bonds. If you have kids, do spend some time looking after their mental well-being, especially in relation to everything going on in the world right now.

Career & Finance

Your workload may increase this month. How you handle stressful situations with your boss and those whom you report to will make all the difference, so tread wisely. You certainly won’t lack motivation, and this will help you overcome any potential problems headed your way. If your job involves trading, exports or creative pursuits, we urge you to be a little careful, a loss or a setback may be headed your way, causing you to dip into your savings. Hold on if you are looking to start a new venture, now is not the time, the planets are not in your favour ATM. All investments should be postponed to avoid losses. 

Health & Fitness

There will be changes in your mood due to work situations and that will show on your body as well. Practising meditation and some silent introspection will help. Try to keep a positive mindset. Listening to a motivational speech of your choice will help imbibe positivity and lift the soul. Following a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet is advised. 

Predictions: Jai Madaan Illustration: Nandini Bhattacharya