Leo horoscope for the month of October 2022

The stars spell secrets about your future—read on to find out the predictions for your sign by celebrity astrologer Jai Madaan. 

05 October, 2022
Leo horoscope for the month of October 2022

For career & income

Your fiery and dominating nature will bring good fortune. Generally, Leo-born people prefer leading to following. Hence the positive transit of planets will help you to lead others and reach a commendable position. People engaged in business may also bag sufficient margins in their activities. You may enjoy all-around success in the first half of this month. During the 2nd half, you may look for the investment or utilisation of wealth-generating sources. It is safer to invest in assets rather than in business. People may decide to open new branches across the country. Construction, travelling, logistics and home care industries are profitable for you. You should explore vigorously better employment and earning options. 

You may commend good respect and reputation at the work location. There will be harmony with colleagues, superiors and subordinates alike. In spite of friendly relations, you should vouch for safe documentation. Proper care should be taken in all official communications. It is a favourable transit for people engaged in agency, mediumship or commission-based activities. Predictions say that you may be shortlisted in interviews for reputed organisations. It is very advantageous if you can capitalise on the persisting situations.

People engaged in the mortgage business will get substantial returns. You may desperately look for a change in the nature of your work. It is still better to be silent and wait for a lucky time.

For love & family

The first half of this month is a time for celebration. However ultimate success can be anticipated. Utmost care should be taken within the first three months after conception. Further, as per the horoscope, teenagers should be practical or mature in their decisions about love matters. They should give priority to career and education rather than love affairs. You may enjoy auspicious happenings in your family. You may share and celebrate your joy with others in several instances. There will be harmony with the spouse in spite of some disturbances in his/her career. 

For education and travel

There may be normal results regarding your education. You may not be interested in studying theoretical subjects. Students related to engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry subjects will prosper well. There may be a delay in the finalisation of PhD thesis. Students abroad will enjoy outstanding results. There may be frequent journeys to nearby locations. You should carefully plan for the passport and stamping process this year. Long journeys will be successful.

For health

This month foresees a year of sound health. You may be able to find a suitable physician this month. People belonging to Leo may suffer from problems related to the spinal cord, knees, skin and excretory system. You should consume dry fruits, honey and barley to nourish your body.