Your Daily Horoscope For Monday 22nd July

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astro: With Mars and Mercury combust in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon in Pisces, it’s advisable to begin your day by smoothening things on the family front. An outing with your mother is a good idea. Don’t let a squabble with a young woman disturb your happiness.

Tarot: The Nine of Pentacles may leave you feeling lost in terms of decision-making. Today will, however mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Don’t be afraid to take risks! It’s crucial for you to focus on where you’re lagging behind in your career.



Astro: With the Moon in Pisces and aspected by Jupiter retrograde, today your heart lies solely with those who add value to your life. A strong partnership will help you sail through any difficulties you’re going through. You will encounter unexpected support from a woman at work.

Tarot: You begin this week on an unusual note and find that you have wayyy too much on your plate. Don’t worry; you will be able to get through it with ease. Today is a good day for you explore career opportunities outside the country.



Astro: With Mercury retrograde, Sun and Mars combust and the Moon in your House of Profession, your negotiation ability will get better. You will be able to put your point across to people clearly. Moon in your house of profession aspected by Jupiter retrograde will help you hone your excellent management abilities and your ideas will be well-appreciated.

Tarot: It’s high time to start managing your finances. If you’ve applied for a credit facility, chances of a delay are indicated. Avoid meeting a particular woman today or you might find yourself hurt by her spiteful words. Pro tip- don’t take things to heart.



Astro: With Jupiter Retrograde in your House of Luck, you will find that things come easy to you today. You will come off as the brightest person amongst all thanks to the Sun in your natal zodiac. You might want to consider buying a new electrical appliance for your home.

Tarot: Despite your hectic schedule, you should look forward to spending a super romantic time with your partner. Let the creativity in you flow today as all your ideas will be met with acceptance.



Astro: With the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in your House of Expenses, get ready to spend some money on travel. You might face some unexpected mood-swings, which will lead to a lack of focus. The best thing will be to stop over thinking and start working. Caution- be extra careful when you drive.

Tarot: Today may come off as super-challenging as you might face some disappointments from unexpected people. However, a little introspection will lead to a solution to your current problems.



Astro: With the Moon in your House of Partnerships and Gains, you should carefully consider the choices you make today. Support from your loved one will make your day. However, do be cautious when it comes to your health.

Tarot: It’s time for you to reconsider your income sources. You should start focusing on setting things right for yourself. With the presence of the Queen of Swords, avoid confrontation with a woman, as things could get a little sour.



Astro: With moon in your House of Enemies- beware of a lady at work. Avoid taking any career related decisions today. With Mars and Mercury combust, Mercury in retrograde and the Sun in your House of Happiness, you might find yourself disconnected at work.

Tarot: A sudden change in the equation of a relationship is on the cards. With the abrupt closure of a relationship or a dream, you might have to stall your career choices for a while. Basically, now is the time to rebuild yourself.



Astro: With the Moon in your House of Family aspected by retrograde Jupiter, you will find yourself taking care of your loved ones in the best possible way. You might want to learn a new art or skill. Today is the day when you will find your spiritual side highly active. However, with Mars combust, avoid getting bent out of shape over small things.

Tarot: Today might be a good day to take advice from your partner about the investment opportunities you’re looking at. Don’t’ worry, it’s all going to work out for you. A beautiful connect with your partner is in the offing. There is a completion of a karmic cycle- indicated by the presence of The World card in your spread.



Astro:  With the Moon in your House of Happiness aspected by Jupiter retrograde, a quality time at home is on the cards. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury retrograde aspecting your House of Money, avoid uneccessary expenditure to prevent a burn in your pocket.

Tarot: There is fruition, love, romance, spirituality and a great time with your family on the cards. It’s finally time to actualise your dreams. Today is day to start something new and take risks. Your family will be there to support you.


Astro: A tiff with a sibling will make you feel low. It’s advisable to avoid squabbles with your close friends. Capris, It might be the right time to take a health check-up and start a new health care routine. On the relationship front, be prudent!

Tarot:  With two court cards, be open to new proposals in your life. There is a beautiful proposition in the offing. If you’ve been looking for a career change, or have applied for an interview, today is the day to look forward to some good news. However, this change might cause some anxiety over small issues


Astro: With the Moon in your zodiac, your creative abilities will be at a high. However, there are chances of a mood swing that might pull you down. Do take care of any kind of eye infection. Being extremely expressive will help you today.

 Tarot: A beautiful opportunity in terms of your work life is on the cards. You can expect a raise in your salary. A reunion with an old friend will make your day better. A new friendship is in the offing.



Astro:  With the Moon in your House of Travels and Expenses, be ready to go and splurge with people you love. You might want to take charge of your life in many aspects today. With Mars combust and in your House of Family Life, be ready to take care of any losses because of communication gaps.

 Tarot: An opportunity you’ve been waiting for will come knocking at your door. It’s finally that time of the month when things will start working out the way you wan them to. Be careful of your driving skills or you might end up hurting yourself. An emotional jolt may come your way, but you will overcome it with ease.

Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial