Your Daily Horoscope For Wednesday 7th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astro: With four retrogrades and combust Mars ready to transit, this is the right time to work on your relationships. Your entire focus will be on smoothening things on the home front. This is also a good time to be creative and expressive.

Tarot: The Devil in the reading advises you to keep your expectations on the low. You need to be patient if you’re expecting too much from a person or a certain situation. You can expect a super-romantic evening with your partner.


Astro: With the exchange of Venus and moon, you might feel a sense of betrayal on the relationship front. Be careful, as a squabble with a certain female figure might have negative consequences. Avoid getting yourself into any confrontations. Luck favours you on the financial front.

Tarot: You might want to spend some time introspecting and creating a plan of action for your future. The Queen of Disks advises you to pay some extra attention to yourself today. Be ready to have some unexpected guests over.


Astro: With Mercury in the House of Moon, your communication skills will work to your advantage. Spend quality time with your family and indulge in a good, open-hearted conversation with them.

Tarot:  Some sort of celebration awaits you. Those of you who have been single for too long might find someone special. Today seems like a good day to start working on family-planning if you’ve been thinking about it lately.


Astro: With the Moon being in your house of Happiness, a tonne of opportunities on the home-front await you. Your bond with your mother will become stronger and you might consider re-decorating your house.

Tarot: Be careful of any strife over a property issue. Keep away from petty arguments and confrontations as it might affect you well-being. Look out for any health-issues that you’ve been avoiding.


Astro: With the moon in your House of Friendships, you will find yourself slightly indecisive in important matters. You will be thrilled to hear from an old friend or acquaintance. There is an amazing chance of a friendship turning into a beautiful relationship for some of you.

Tarot: Don’t fret about the challenges that might come your way, as you will be able to overcome them with ease. A fabulous piece of news awaits you. A pleasant surprise by the end of the day is on the cards, too.



Astro: Your communication skills, a creative idea or a presentation will help you receive a lot of appreciation at work. Try and spend some quality time with people you love, and sort out any differences that you may be facing with them. Take out some time for yourself, and try to meditate and have a relaxing day.

Tarot: The Lovers indicate a fabulous day on the relationship front in terms of understanding and communication. If you’ve been feeling lonely lately, a friend or a partner will be your support system. The Knight of Wands advises you to be open to any great opportunities that will come your way.



Astro:  With the moon in your natal zodiac and Venus in your house of Profession, today seems like a good day to focus all your energies on your career. Put in some extra effort at work to receive the praise you think you’ve been missing out on.

Tarot: The beginning of a new chapter in your life seems to be on the cards. An unexpected encounter can help you get closer to the future you desire. The risks you take will eventually yield rewarding results.



Astro: With the moon in your House of Travels, this seems like a great time to plan a trip with your partner. Luck will favour you in unexpected ways. A sudden encounter with an overseas friend/associate will make your day.

Tarot: The Prince of Disks indicates favourable times on professional and romantic fronts. A piece of good news will make your day better. An enriching experience that you’ve been waiting for seems to be around the corner.


Astro: With the Moon in your House of Gains, you should prioritse and stay focussed on issues that matter. You are likely to receive a gift from your mother or a sibling. It seems like the perfect day to sort out all squabbles centred around inheritance issues.

 Tarot: The cards advise you to strike a balance between personal and professional. A squabble with an old friend might make you anxious. A petty disagreement could end up wrecking the relationship. So be careful.


Astro: With the Lord of Profession in the House of Partnerships, and the Lord of Partnerships in the House of Profession, a piece of advice from your partner will lighten up your mood. You might want to rethink the long-term consequences of a strategic alliance you’re planning to build.

Tarot: Believe in the Universe and yourself. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity, you just have to trust your abilities. Don’t forget to count your blessings!


Astro: With the Moon in Venus, things will pan out with ease for you. If you’ve been around a spiritually-inclined person, be ready to experience some positive changes around you. Be grateful for all that you’ve achieved.

Tarot: The Moon advises you to explore your spiritual side. You might feel a little disoriented. In order to feel better, you will have to let go of things that are holding you back. Support from a female figure will set things right.


Astro: With the Moon in your House of Intuitive Powers, you will feel spiritually guided today. You must trust your instincts, and take advice from family when in doubt. A mood-swing might result in some mental disorientation. However, you will get past it with ease.

Tarot:  You could feel like things are not going your way. You may even feel stuck on the financial front. However, you need to be patient for things to fall into place. It’ll all work out in good time.