Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday August 20th

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: Be assertive when it comes to putting your point across, but avoid being too pushy. Today will bring you immense happiness and you will be in the best mood. Everything seems to be working in your favour.

Tarot: The day brings you victories, joy and happiness, but there are strings attached. You will gain insight on a matter that has been kept hidden from you, and this may give rise to feelings of betrayal. Try not to feel lost and gather yourself again.



Astrology: Focus on your friendships, as it will benefit you in the long run. You will meet the right people today and enjoy a fairly good time with them. Success seems to be en-route, get ready to make the most of the day.

Tarot: Consider dining out today and enjoy all the luxuries and comforts. Take a break from household matters to keep yourself refreshed. Maintain a high level of energy.



Astrology: With Mercury in your House of Communication and Money, consider putting your point across effectively. You will find yourself being able to manage negotiations well. 

Tarot: You will experience a sense of relief and will feel at ease. However, you may come across some challenges and this will make it difficult for you to make important decisions. Avoid taking any impulsive step and monitor your thoughts to minimise any possible damage. Avoid getting upset as it won’t benefit you in the long run.



Astrology: Uranus retrograde in your House of Profession indicates that an early retirement, a break from work or a misunderstanding with your father is bothering you. Be cautious when it comes to matters on the work front. A failure to do so could result in problems.

Tarot: Consider spending quality time with your partner, in order to strengthen your bond. Let your intuitive abilities guide you. You will also experience some relief from soaring expenses.



Astrology: With three planets- the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Money, it's time to be assertive when it comes to putting your point across. Be prudent and watchful of your money, and take care of matters on the work front.

Tarot: A surprise awaits you, so do check your mailbox. A long awaited opportunity or a message from a friend is en-route. There will be much needed progress on matters that have been stagnant for a while.



Astrology: With three planets- the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Travels, you might find yourself splurging on an overseas trip. Financial losses are highly probable, so avoid any investments for some time.

Tarot: You may feel a little lonely, but your squad will surely uplift your mood. On the work front, try to be sensible and prudent.



Astrology: With Venus is in your House of Gains, maintain your focus on profits. If you don’t utilise this time correctly, you might regret it later. Be wary of your mood swings and look forward to the beginning of a new romantic relationship.

Tarot: Look out for some minor hitches at work. A long-awaited overseas opportunity is headed your way.  While any overseas alliances will prove be quite supportive, they might hound you when it comes to deadlines at work.



Astrology:  With Mars Combust and the Sun and Venus in your House of Profession, it's important to have a clear-cut POA in place, one which you will be willing to execute. There may be a tiff at work or a difference in opinion, but you will be able to resolve it with some healthy communication.

Tarot: Broaden your horizons and use this time effectively in order to make your mark. Go out, meet new people, and rely on your luck to bring about some fruitful opportunities. Meeting the right person at the right time will help you grow. Your bosses are also likely to favour you as long as you refrain from being churlish.



Astrology: With the Sun, Mars and Venus in your House of Fortune, you can rely on your family for love and support. Expect an exciting overseas opportunity to come your way.

Tarot: Make bold decisions and take a strong stand in order to get things going on the work front. Consider meeting up with some old friends and planning a get-together. You may feel disappointed with some people who will not be there for you when you need them.



Astrology: Take extra care of your health, especially a possible throat infection or an eye problem, which may take a little longer than usual  to heal. Be vigilant of your expenses and finances. You may realise that you’ve rubbed some people the wrong way.

Tarot: Things are looking stable and settled on the relationship front. Consider buying a new property as it will yield profit.  Spending quality time with your partner will help nurture your bond.



Astrology: You may find your partner to be quite overpowering, and this could result in an argument. Be careful when it comes to handling your relationships. Establish a strict fitness routine, but avoid being too harsh on yourself.

Tarot: The Magi indicates a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. You can look forward to a beautiful day which will sort things out for the better.



Astrology: With the Moon in your natal Zodiac, you will enjoy being the centre of attention.  our charm will attract people and this will make you happy. Focus on your career as well as your family, and watch out for a soaring expenses.

Tarot: Pisceans, if you think your relationship is lacking passion and romance, fear not! A spark is about to reignite. Consider taking care of matters on both the home and work front and establish a healthy work-life balance.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial