12 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Your Zodiac Sign

For example, Cancer tends to have a moon-shaped face!

21 March, 2018
12 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Your Zodiac Sign


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You are impulsive, and the most active of zodiac signs. Which is why, you are considered to be very accident-prone. You have excessive amounts of energy and zero clue on how to control it. You may actually have a scar somewhere on your forehead/ face as a result of rushing into things as a child. You take 'rushing into new experiences' quite literally and may have encountered head injuries, so keep a look out for any Harry Potter kinda marks.


You're practical, you're responsible and have incredibly strong work ethics. So obviously, you're really good with money. And you're actually likely to earn quite a lot of money from your jobs, so make sure you choose well and get the most out of your career.


We're sure you're already aware of the fact that you learn quick, you can adapt and exchange ideas, you're expressive and quite artistic. Which is why you're really likely to win prizes and awards for your smarts. Also did you know, by percentage, you're more likely to win a Nobel Prize! Get ready to make room on your trophy shelf.


You are loyal, tenacious, mentally emotional, imaginative but also a bit moody. This weird trait ties all you Cancerian, physically – your star sign is ruled by the Moon and so, you tend to have round, moon-like faces. It's definitely not a bad thing, we think it's actually quite cute. Next time you come across a Cancerian, check to see if this claim is actually true.


Everybody knows that Leos are natural leaders and love being the centre of attention. They're super-creative, passionate, enthusiastic and humorous. You know what that means? They're perfect for putting on a show! You actually make a great show-stopper and even the best salesperson, you can really sell yourself. Try that as a profession or even a fun little hobby.


You are super-hardworking, practical and quite critical of yourself, so this trait shouldn't really come as a surprise. Basically, you know how to study and you're almost always at the top of your class. But you worry way too much and are completely jaded by failure, so you can actually worry yourself sick if you don't stop being such a perfectionist. So calm down Virgos, you're beasting life already.


You're cooperative, diplomatic,very social and you hate confrontations. But did you also know that Libra is the sign of beauty? You're ruled by Venus, the lover of beautiful things. People will be floored by your beauty and possibly that dimple on your cheek.


You are one of the most passionate star signs, you are protective, loyal and brave. But it's not a personality trait that makes you unique, but actually a physical one that ties all you Scorpions together. It's actually a widow's peak– you know when your hair forms a little triangle at the centre of the forehead? Trust us, it's not weird, it's kinda chic actually.


You are generous, idealistic and have exorbitant levels of enthusiasm and a great sense of humour. You'd rather be adventurous and have your freedom than be restrained by rules. Again, a physical trait sets you apart – you tend to have oval/ long faces. Very model-like actually.


We're so jealous of your trait! Not only are you responsible and disciplined, but you're also the star sign that's most likely to look young for a long time. So go ahead and enjoy your youthfulness, and don't mind when people take you to be 16, when you're 25. You'll love it as you get older.


You are fiercely independent, so this trait is completely unrelated to your personality, and it's sort of strange. But Aquarius basically rules circulation so you're always freezing! You tend to have cold hands and feet. Maybe trying turning up the head in the bedroom instead. ?


You are creative and artistic AF. You are quite connected to music and highly compassionate, faithful and loving. Your weird trait is that you tend to find luck with the number seven. Next time, try noticing a trend of sevens following you around. We swear, it's not as creepy as it sounds.